Rules of Accommodation


Public offer agreement

The hotel is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Payment time is 11:00, check-out time is 11:00, check-in time is 15:00. Please treat the hotel property carefully, follow the hotel’s fire safety rules. When leaving the room, please close the taps in the hygiene room, turn off the lights and other appliances. For things left unattended in the room, the guest is responsible. Parking space is provided free of charge, renting a parking space does not provide protection of the owner’s car. Hotel guests are aware of and do not object to the use of video surveillance in the area around the hotel. The hotel is not responsible for the operation of city communications (dimming).

In order to ensure order and security in the hotel is prohibited:

  • Smoking in the cottage, except for specially designated areas
  • Bringing skis and snowboards to the cottage
  • Post friends and acquaintances without the consent of the administration
  • Storage in the cottage of flammable items (fireworks and firecrackers).
  • Dispose of hygiene products, food scraps and food waste.
  • Carry into the hotel and store in the room materials and objects dangerous to life and health of others.
  • Rearrange and remove furniture from the room.
  • Violate generally accepted norms of behavior, from 23-00 to 8-00 observe silence (except for the New Year)
  • Show aggression or actions that threaten the safety of health or property of others.
  • Damage hotel property.
  • Pets are allowed in the rooms, without the consent of the hotel.
  • Making a fire in places not set aside for this purpose.


  • Payment for accommodation and services provided by the Hotel is made in cash, by bank transfer or credit cards, according to the price list valid in the hotel. Payment for accommodation and additional services is made in UAH. For a guaranteed hotel room reservation, a prepayment of 50% of the amount for the entire stay is taken. If the guest is late for more than a day, the guaranteed reservation is canceled, the prepayment is non-refundable. If canceled less than 20 days before date of arrival or cancellation, the prepayment will not be refundable.
  • Upon arrival, the Guest provides an identity document (passport, driver’s license, military ID, foreign passport) and fills out the Guest Questionnaire. The hotel reserves the right to refuse to provide services to guests who have not presented an ID or refuses to pay.
  • Towel change and wet cleaning every 3 days. General cleaning with change of bed linen – 1 time in 7 days. Cleaning at other times is possible at the request of the guest for an additional fee.
  • During the stay of guests in rooms with kitchen areas, all responsibility for the correct and safe use of kitchen equipment, for cleanliness of dishes, mode of storage of ready meals, etc. lies on the guests. It is forbidden to cook with the use of open fire, cooking with a sharp specific smell.
  • It is forbidden to dump food and food waste into the sewer.
  • In case of causing material damage to the hotel due to the fault or negligence of the guests and / or their visitors, a standard act must be drawn up. In addition to compensation for direct damage, the guest voluntarily or in court reimburses the hotel for losses associated with the downtime of the room during repairs, replacement of furniture, etc. (For example, after flooding).
  • If you find forgotten items, the hotel immediately notifies the owner, if known. Forgotten things are stored in the hotel for 6 months. In case of loss of items, the guest immediately notifies the hotel administrator. If the guest has not presented his / her claims to the hotel before the end of the stay, it is considered that his / her belongings have not been lost or damaged.
  • If the guest repeatedly violates the internal rules of living in the hotel, which leads to material damage or creates inconvenience for the stay of other visitors, the hotel has the right to refuse accommodation or terminate the contract (to evict). In this case, after deducting the amount, the guest is refunded the balance of the previously paid payment.
  • On the day of departure, the key to the room is handed over after checking the number by the administrator. For more information on hotel services, please call.


  • accessories for lighting a fire and cooking kebabs (skewers, barbecues) – free of charge.
  • firewood – UAH 50.
  • cleaning on request (without change of bed linen) – 100/200 UAH. (One-Bedroom Apartment / One-Bedroom Apartment)
  • cleaning on request (with change of bed linen) – 150/300 UAH. (One-Bedroom Apartment / One-Bedroom Apartment)
  • washing (up to 5 kg. without ironing) – UAH 50.

We wish you a pleasant stay, "Gallery of Mountains"